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Welcome to Ansi Goat Farm

Ansi Goat Farm, a challenging initiation by Mr. P.K. Ali who started this concern four years ago in a very small setup who diverted himself from a full-time real estate businessman. Firstly he started the farm in his home with only four breeds of goats brought from Maharashtra, Gujarath, U.P. and Bengal. But because of the weather problems it was a small loss for him. Then he buy Malabari (Give large number of children in one delivery) and Jamunapyari (Give huge amount of milk) types of breeds to his farm .

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Goat & Cow Milk

We are selling pure and good quality Goat milk & Cow Milk in our farm. Buy pure milk from Ansi Goat Farm.

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Mob: +91 9388987971, 9562151583

We Sell Cows & Calves

If you are looking to buy high yield cows, Please do Contact us for best breeds of cows & calves.

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Mob: +91 9388987971, 9562151583

  • Best mixed farmer award of Ernakulam - 2010
  • Mahatma Gandhi Peace Foundation Award
Awards & Achievements

Why Goat Farming

Indian economy is growing at a great speed and the demand for food is increasing exponentially. Goat meat that used to be a luxury for most of the population is becoming affordable to a larger number of people due to economic growth. This has caused an increased in demand for mutton in India and not enough supply to meet the demand. This demand cannot be met by traditional method of small scale backyard goat rearing in villages. As the demand far exceeds supply, goat meat prices have been increasing steadily. This increased price has created a need and opportunity for a large scale organized and scientific method of goat rearing in controlled conditions (Stall-Fed method). Improvement in the quality of the breeds is a critical factor for commercial success. Training